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GMU is authorized by the U.S. Government to issue the I-20 form for Visas from foreign countries. Once the foreign applicant is accepted, GMU will send various documents including the I-20 form.


Foreign students must enroll as full-time students, which means a graduate student must take 9 or more semester units per semester and an undergraduate student must take at least 12-semester units.


For foreign students, $ 250.00 of I-20 initial processing fee will be charged and $200.00 of I-20 transfer processing fee will be charged if a foreign student transfers to GMU from another institution. Please direct other questions relating to foreign students to the Dean of Students.

Students applying for admission to the undergraduate degree program must have graduated from a recognized high school or have passed the General Education Development Test (GED). In both cases, the applicant’s test scores and experiences are evaluated for evidence of the ability to do college work.


Performance on standardized tests, including the required SAT Subject Tests, the ACT plus Writing or SAT Reasoning, and any Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate Higher Level examinations the applicant may have taken. Applicants who have not had the opportunity to take Advanced Placement or IBHL courses or who have chosen not to take the examinations for these courses will not be disadvantaged. Test scores will be evaluated in the context of all other academic information in the application.


Students applying for admission to the graduate degree programs must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. The bachelor’s degree must be a four-year system or over 120 units in the semester system. The applicant’s GPA at the college level will be considered for admission to a graduate level. The applicant’s GPA at the college level must above C (2.5). Applicants who graduated from college level in different collage systems from American standards will be evaluated in different methods. Applicants whose GPA is below 2.5 will be under the probation period if the applicant accepted in graduate program.


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